How to Clean an Oven With a Lemon Like a Pro

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Cleaning an oven can be a daunting task, especially when stubborn grime and grease have built up over time. However, you don’t need to resort to harsh, chemical-laden cleaners to get your oven sparkling clean. A simple, natural, and effective solution is right in your kitchen – a lemon. This article will guide you on how to clean an oven with a lemon like a pro, ensuring you achieve a spotless, fresh-smelling oven without the need for toxic chemicals.

The Magic of Lemon

Lemons are not just for cooking or making refreshing drinks. They are a powerful cleaning agent, thanks to their high acidity level and natural oils. The citric acid in lemons can cut through tough grease and grime, making it an excellent choice for cleaning your oven. Plus, lemons leave a pleasant, fresh scent that can help eliminate any lingering odors in your oven.

Moreover, lemons are a great eco-friendly alternative to commercial oven cleaners. They are biodegradable, non-toxic, and safe to use around children and pets. So, by using lemons to clean your oven, you are not only keeping your oven clean but also contributing to a healthier environment.

What You Will Need

Before you start cleaning your oven with a lemon, gather all the necessary supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A couple of lemons
  • A small bowl
  • A baking dish
  • An oven-safe dish
  • A spray bottle
  • A sponge or scrub brush
  • Water
  • A dry cloth or towel

Once you have all these items ready, you can start the cleaning process.

How to Clean Your Oven with a Lemon

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of how to clean your oven with a lemon. Follow these steps for a sparkling clean oven:

  1. Cut the lemons in half and squeeze their juice into a bowl. You should have enough juice to fill half the bowl.
  2. Place the squeezed lemon halves in the baking dish.
  3. Fill the bowl with lemon juice halfway with water and pour this mixture into the baking dish with the lemon halves.
  4. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and place the baking dish on the middle rack. Let it bake for about 30 minutes.
  5. While the lemon mixture is baking, fill the spray bottle with water.
  6. After 30 minutes, turn off the oven but don’t open the door. Let the oven cool down a bit, but it should still be warm.
  7. Once the oven is warm (not hot), spray the oven walls, bottom, and door with water.
  8. Remove the baking dish from the oven. Be careful as it might still be hot.
  9. Dip the sponge or scrub brush into the lemon water mixture and scrub the oven. The combination of the warm oven, water, and lemon mixture will help loosen the grime and grease.
  10. Wipe the oven clean with a dry cloth or towel. Repeat the process if necessary until your oven is sparkling clean.

And there you have it! A clean, fresh-smelling oven without the use of harsh chemicals.

Additional Tips and Tricks

While cleaning your oven with a lemon is straightforward, here are some additional tips and tricks to make the process even more effective:

  • If your oven has a lot of grime or burnt-on food, you might need to use a little elbow grease. Use a scrub brush or a scouring pad to scrub the tough spots.
  • For extremely stubborn spots, sprinkle some baking soda on the area before scrubbing. The baking soda will act as a mild abrasive, helping to remove the stubborn grime.
  • Remember to clean your oven regularly to prevent the build-up of grime and grease. A good rule of thumb is to clean your oven every three to six months, depending on how often you use it.

With these tips and tricks, you can keep your oven in top-notch condition and prolong its lifespan.


Cleaning your oven doesn’t have to be a chore filled with harsh chemicals and unpleasant smells. With just a couple of lemons and some water, you can have a clean, fresh-smelling oven. Not only is this method effective, but it’s also eco-friendly and safe for you and your family. So, the next time your oven needs a good cleaning, reach for a lemon and clean it like a pro.

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